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  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 09/12/2024 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Webinar: Managing Policy, Not Politics in the Workplace

    With the country’s polarization seeping into the workplace, HR faces enormous challenges. While diversity of thought ignites new ideas, creates solutions to problems while increasing the success of agencies, when differences of opinions are touted as absolutes, alienation occurs, relationships are strained, and cultures become unsafe. 

    While it is not the role of HR or agencies to legislate what people think, they are responsible to ensure that policies are created that honor differences. To ensure a culture of respect, employees need to know how to respectfully interact with others at the inevitable times when political opinions differ, when values clash, and when relationships are at risk.

    Learn how to secure employee buy-in to uphold policies. Equip people with the skills needed to respectfully speak up when behaviors and political differences cross the line of respect. Please join our speaker, Lorie Reichel-Howe, as she guides the audience on how to meet these sensitive challenges in the workplace on September 12th at 1:00 pm ET.

    In this training you will:

    • Implement communication practices that increase safety while building partnership
    • De-escalate conflict and create safety at times when opinions differ
    • Build more positive and productive working relationships
    • Decrease workplace tension and office drama
    • Create a workplace culture in which teams love to work

    Speaker:  Lorie Reichel-Howe, Conversations in the Workplace

    (For National PSHRA Members Only)

    Lorie Reichel- Howe

    Founder, Conversations in the Workplace

    Conversations in the Workplace

    Lorie Reichel-Howe is founder of Conversations in the Workplace. She equips managers, teams, and business professionals to have “Safe Conversations” – transformative dialogue that uncovers hidden workplace issues. Whether addressing challenging team dynamics, mismanaged expectations, cultural insensitivity, or good old-fashioned bad behavior, “Safe Conversations” foster greater innovation, inclusion, and collaboration within organizations.

    With over 20 years of experience in leadership development and relationship management, Lorie is passionate about equipping leaders with the skills to create and maintain a culture of respect and accountability.

    Lorie is a professional mediator and leadership communication coach. She has supported organizations such as Pinterest, SYGMA, SHRM, PIHRA,, Women in Technology International, Los Angeles Women’s Leadership Conference, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, Santa Clara Superior Court, San Jose State University, Santa Clara County Office of Education and many more.

    Learn more about Lorie’s impact at



  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 03/28/2024 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Webinar: Authentic Conversations: Navigating the Transgender Experience and Pronoun Usage in the Workplace

    Please join us on Thursday, March 28th at 1:00 pm Eastern Time for an authentic conversation on navigating the transgender experience and pronoun usage in the workplace.  Dr. Elijah Nicholas will provide a safe environment for this discussion on:

    • Pronoun usage in the workplace: the good, the bad, and the indifferent. 
    • Methods for human resource leaders and professionals to navigate LGBTQIA+ employee's experiences (with and amongst all employees) while facilitating authentic employee inclusion (specifically from the transgender perspective), genuine welcoming of all employees, and understanding/empathizing with differences within the organization.

    Participants will gain:

    • Understanding of the Transgender experience based on facilitator's lived experiences.
    • Understanding of the differences between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation and why this understanding is critical to developing inclusive, affirming, and welcoming strategic policies.
    • Understanding of how leadership teams in collaboration with human resource professionals can navigate pronoun usage/discussion in the workplace so all employees are included and acknowledged using their preferred language. 

    Speaker:  Dr. Elijah Nicholas (He/Him/His), Founder & Executive Director, 100 Black Trans Men, Inc.

    (For National PSHRA Members Only)

    Dr. Elijah Nicholas

    Founder & Executive Director

    100 Black Trans Men, Inc.

    Dr. Elijah Nicholas, Founder of 100 Black Trans Men, Inc. is a visionary leader, retired senior military officer, and spiritual gem. Dr. Elijah has over 20 years of leadership experience and over a decade of executive leadership experience. With multiple degrees and a certificate from Harvard Divinity, 13 publications, and an ordained Pastor at Spirit and Truth Sanctuary, Dr. Elijah is dedicated to educating leaders and organizations on the importance of conscious love, conscious living, and conscious leadership.


    A 25 year US veteran, Dr. Nicholas combines his expertise in healthcare administration, research and evaluation, and conscious-driven leadership style to drive change and advocate for health equity, access, and justice for all. His commitment to compassion, inclusion, and impactful leadership shines through in all his endeavors, from advancing economic mobility and stability to promoting holistic health equity. Dr. Nicholas is a transformative force, leading the charge toward a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 02/22/2024

    Webinar: Employee Resources Groups - Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Culture


    In celebration of Black History Month, PSHRA has put together a dynamic panel of Public Sector HR thought leaders who will share their experiences and best practices with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).  As you know, “Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, employee-led groups with a shared purpose. They provide support and access to resources as well as promote career development, satisfaction, and success in the workplace for employees united by a characteristic, an interest, or an intention.”*  Please join us on February 22, 2024 at 1:00 pm ET to learn more about the work of these important groups and how they can enhance your work culture.

     * U. S. News and World Reports

    Moderator:  Tamara Dixon, Director of HR and Chief Diversity Officer, City of Northglenn, CO and Western Region Representative on the PSHRA Executive Council


    • Ann Braga, Esq., HR Director, Town of Brookline, MA
    • Natalia Bravo, Chief of Staff, County of San Diego, CA

    (For National PSHRA Members Only)

    Tamara Dixon (Moderator)

    Director of HR and Chief Diversity Officer

    City of Northglenn, Colorado

    Tamara Dixon is currently the Human Resources Director and Chief Diversity Officer for the City of Northglenn, in Northglenn Colorado. She has worked in the private and public sectors for Parson Consulting, City and County of Denver, City of Lone Tree, City of Wheat Ridge and Town of Parker, and as an adjunct professor for the University of Colorado at Denver. Ms. Dixon has spent her 20+ year career being a customer service practitioner, adept trainer, organizational development expert, and human resources specialist.  Her areas of expertise include diversity, equity and inclusion, culture change initiatives, performance management, leadership training, strategic planning, and retreat facilitation.

    Tamara holds her bachelor’s degree in political science (BS) from Tuskegee University, master’s degree in public administration (MPA) from Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) and Senior Certified Professional designation from both the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-SCP) and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM-SCP). She is past-President of the Western Region IPMA-HR and is the current elected Western Region representative for the PSHRA Executive Council. As part of the Executive Council, she has co-chaired the Governance and By-Laws subcommittees, and Region Advisory Committee Taskforce.

    Leadership and service is her passion and raising 14-year-old Sydney Olivia is her joy!

    Ann Braga, Esq. MPA

    HR Director

    Town of Brookline, MA

    Ann joined the Town of Brookline team in June 2019 after more than 23 years with the City of Boston.  In Brookline, Ann continues to work to make the Town an employer of choice by developing a team that is focused on making human resources transformational, not transactional.  This includes employee forward programs, such as a permanent Work From Home program, Paid Time for Cancer Screenings or Physicals, Paid Parental Leave – all while coordinating a multi-departmental team on COVID response and return to work policies and protocols.

    In Boston, she served as the Director, Talent Acquisition Management and Employment in the Office of Human Resources including compliance, classification and compensation, diversity initiatives, recruiting, development and retention responsibilities.  Before joining Boston HR, Ann served as the Staff Director for the Boston City Council as the day-to-day department head for 13 member legislative body, overseeing the professional central staff members, over 100 employees and interns, legislative, administrative and fiscal operations, and a budget of $5.0M.  Responsibilities included: payroll, accounts payable, facilities management and maintenance, technology acquisition and upgrades, training and development.

    Before working for the City, Ann held various positions in the state and non profit sectors.  She has served as Adjunct faculty at UMASS Boston, Northeastern, and Suffolk covering courses in Urban Policy, State and Local Budgeting, Human Resource Management, Ethics.

    Ann received her law degree from Suffolk University Law School while working full-time for the Boston City Council.  She also has a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in budgeting and finance and a Political Science degree from the University of Connecticut.

    Ann has been a Big Sister for more than nine years and lives in the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston with her husband and two boys.

    Natalia Brava

    Chief of Staff

    County of San Diego

    Natalia Bravo currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Administrative Officer for the County of San Diego. In her role, Natalia is responsible for developing policy and managing specialized and sensitive projects both across the county enterprise and in collaboration with outside agencies. 

    Natalia co-chairs the Strategic Advisory, Evaluation and Guidance Group which serves to ensure alignment of strategic initiatives and other guidance documents for the County. She also serves as the Executive Advisor to the County D&I Executive Council where she works with a multi-departmental team to guide the County’s diversity and inclusion strategy.

    She joined the County in 2012 and has held several different positions since, including roles in the COVID-19 pandemic response, the reestablishment of the Leon Williams Human Relations Commission, driving the adoption of the countywide Language Access policy and the reimaging of the County’s General Management System. 

    Natalia is the product of a binational and bicultural upbringing and was a US Fulbright Fellow in Mexico City. After that fellowship, she served as the Chief of Staff and Director of Public Policy to Mexico’s Undersecretary of Labor in the Labor Development Office at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Natalia holds a B.A. Degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas and a M.A. Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. 

    She serves as a Board Member of the San Diego County Employee’s Charitable Organization and is a member of both the Fulbright Association and the San Diego County Latino Association.

    Natalia is a proud mother, wife and daughter who, when she isn’t working toward the public good, enjoys reading and traveling to rainy places. 

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 02/15/2024

    Webinar: Embracing a Culture of Diverse Leadership


    In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for diverse and inclusive leadership has never been more critical. Embracing a Culture of Diverse Leadership," led by Demetrius Parker of the Trust Leadership Collective, is designed to empower your agency by fostering a leadership culture that values and leverages diversity in all its forms.

    This webinar isn't just about understanding the importance of diversity in leadership; it's about taking active steps to embrace and cultivate it. Please join us to transform your agency's culture, drive innovation, and enhance your competitive edge through the power of diverse leadership on February 15th at 1:00 pm ET.

    Speaker:  Demetrius Parker, Founder & Pragmatical Solutions Leader, Trust Leadership Collective, LLC

    (For National PSHRA Members Only)

    Demetrius Parker

    Founder & Pragmatical Solutions Leader

    The Trust Leadership Collective

    An intrepreneur turned entrepreneur, that successfully infuses a pragmatical, diverse, and dynamic goal-oriented approach to Organizational Training & Development, DEI practices, Talent Acquisition, and HR by getting it done with an emphasis on professionalism, coaching, innovation, and collaboration. I strive to build sustainable and successful partnerships and business relationships that convert customers into clients, candidates into employees and employees into leaders. I absolutely love working with government agencies and start-up organizations that are seeking to build a thriving and successful employee-centric culture. I’m known as internal entrepreneur and have always had the personal motto of “People first, Business always”.

    As an OD/DEI Professional, I strive to help build development programs that inspire true learning of self that awakens the awareness of our greatest gifts, capabilities, and strengths, while also understanding those areas that are our opportunities for growth.

    Specialties: Leadership Farming, Organizational Training & Development, Business Coaching, Talent Acquisition, DEI & HR program development, Employee Relations, Business Relationship Building, Business & Social Networking, Event Planning, Information Security, Public Speaking, and Client & Customer Service.

  • Contains 12 Component(s)

    This course is open from March 19, 2024 to April 26, 2024

    Syllabus:  Public Sector HR Executive Leadership Certificate Program


    Start Date: March 19, 2024

    End Date: April 26, 2024


    Instructor:  TBD


    PSHRA Contact:  Debbie Tankersely-Snook,



    Welcome to PSHRA's Public Sector HR Executive Leadership Certificate Program. This course will enhance your HR public sector leadership skills and help you develop targeted initiatives to improve your agency.


    Course Outcomes

    This course is designed to help you build your HR competencies and help you strategically position HR as a transformative business partner and leader in the organization.

    To achieve this, the course focuses on 3 related areas:

    • Your skill set in the 4 HR Lenses: business acumen; innovation; strategic orientation; and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. As part of this course, you will build a personal development plan for these competencies. 
    • Your skill set in the HR Areas of Focus: leadership, culture, talent, technology, and communication. You will build a personal development plan for these competencies as well.
    • Finally, you'll learn strategies for building, presenting, and gaining buy-in for the initiatives you develop to improve how HR is positioned within your agency.

    You will finish this course with:

    • a personal professional development plan,
    • actions you will take to improve how HR is positioned within your agency.


    You will earn a Certificate of Executive Leadership from PSHRA with your successful completion of both the online lessons and cohort session.

    You may have attended an Executive Leadership in-person course.  Welcome! This learning experience will complement and enhance the material from that program and provide additional support as you build your leadership expertise.


    Course Design:

    This course includes six lessons that you'll take online and three cohort sessions where you'll meet with peers also taking this course. The online lessons will give you an opportunity to assess your development opportunities; teach important concepts, principles, and practices; and will help you begin planning improvement initiatives. Explore the course interactive elements and links to outside references to get the most out of the course.  The cohort discussions will give you an opportunity to share ideas and learn from your peers. In the cohort discussions you will further develop and refine the improvement plans you draft in the online sessions.


    Time Commitment:

    The more dedicated time and effort you put into this course the more you will get out of it.

    To read the material, complete the activities, and prepare for the cohort discussions, consider scheduling 60 - 90 minutes for each lesson. Try to take the lesson at least several days before the cohort discussion - to give yourself time to reflect on what you have learned and the plans you have developed.

    Cohort Schedule (Subject to Change): 

    Cohort # 1 – TBD

    Cohort # 2 – TBD

    Cohort #3 -- TBD


    Week 1:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Course Introduction.


    Week 2:

     Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 2: Assess Your Skills Through the Critical Lenses

    Learn more about business acumen; innovation; strategic orientation; and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.


    Cohort Session (virtual)

    Session 1: Introduction and Assess Your Skill Set

    Reviewing and discussing the content from the first two lessons.


    Week 3:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 3: Assess Your Skills Through the Areas of Focus

    Learn more about leadership, culture, talent, technology, and communication.


    Week 4:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 4: Your Role as a Trusted Advisor

    Learn about executive presence, leading with empathy, and how to build trust to drive collaboration.


    Cohort Session (virtual)

    Session 2: Area of Focus Skills and Being a Trusted Advisor

    Reviewing and discussing the content from the third and fourth lesson.


    Week 5:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 5: Creating a Personal Development Plan

    Take all that you've learned in the online lessons and cohort sessions and create a personal development plan.

    Week: 6

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 6: Leveraging Your Skills

    Create a plan to influence agency strategy and short-term projects based upon the skills learned in this course.


    Cohort Session (virtual)

    Session 3: Personal Development Plan and Leveraging Your Skills

    Reviewing and discussing the content from the fifth and sixth lessons.


    Course Workbook:

    The course includes a workbook.  You'll use the workbook throughout the course to reflect on what you're learning, record ideas, plan for future personal development, and plan activities for your agency. There are two versions:

    • a PDF version - if you'd like to print it and write your answers and ideas and
    • an MS Word version - if you'd prefer to work electronically.

    The files have the same content - just differences in page layout. You will use the workbook while taking the online lessons and while attending the cohort sessions.

    The workbook is available by selecting the Course Materials tab and then Executive Leadership Workbook

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 01/25/2024

    Webinar: Innovative Public Sector HR Programs


    Please join us on January 25th at 1:00 pm ET to learn about the Innovative Public Sector HR Programs developed by our 2023 Agency Award Winners.  

    Program Titles:

    • Keys to the City (New Hire Program focusing on the city’s mission, vision, and values.)
    • Innovation Academy (Over 100 hours of specialized training opportunities.)
    • Apprenticeships (To address critical labor shortages in Solid Waste Management and Animal Care Service Departments.)
    • Gear-Up (Wellness Program)
    • Same Day Hiring (Focused on hard to recruit classifications.)

    Our panelists will introduce their agencies, communities, and programs.  Let us know what brought about the need for change and the stakeholders involved.  Share with us their programs current and future states.  While also letting us in on the challenges faced and the advances change has brought to their agency and community.

    Please feel free to visit our website to learn more about our 2023 Award winners at

    Moderator:  Lerenzo Calhoun, Human Resources Director, City of Tamarac, FL


    • Kimberly Sala, Deputy Director, City of St. Lucie, FL (Small Agency)
    • Corrie Johnson, Organizational Development Project Manager, City of St. Lucie, FL (Small Agency)
    • Joel Jenks, Training and Engagement Administrator, City of San Antonio, TX (Large Agency)
    • Brandy Winterbottom, Deputy Director, County of San Diego, CA (Large Agency)

    (For National PSHRA Members Only)

    Lerenzo Calhoun

    Human Resources Director

    City of Tamarac, FL

    Lerenzo Calhoun is the architect of the City of Tamarac’s initiatives involving talent management, training, employee and labor relations, compensation, benefits, and diversity initiatives.  In September of 2022, the City of Tamarac’s Human Resources Team received the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) Small Agency Award for Excellence. This award recognizes agencies who advance public sector Human Resources and create better places to work for those who serve the public good.

    Prior to his service for the City of Tamarac, Lerenzo was the Chief Negotiator responsible for Labor Relations matters for Broward County Public Schools. He also served in HR Management roles for industry leaders such as Spherion and the Taylor Corporation, building a career of being a strategic Human Resources partner for clients in various industries.  Before relocating to South Florida, Lerenzo worked in the General Counsel’s Office for the Chicago Public Schools.  Lerenzo holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida.  

    Kimberly Sala

    Deputy Director

    City of St. Lucie, FL

    Corrie Johnson

    Organizational Development Project Manager

    City of St. Lucie, FL

    Corrie Johnson has 16 years of experience in Human Resources in the public sector. She began her career with the City of Port St. Lucie 4 years ago and is currently the Organizational Development Project Manager. In this role, she has revamped the City’s in-person orientation program (“Keys to the City”); developed a stay interview program to follow the Keys program; developed a total compensation spreadsheet to assist with recruitment; and is currently collaborating with the City’s IT Department to create an intake system for all HR projects, as well as a billing system for retiree insurance.

    Prior to working for the City of Port St. Lucie, she worked for the Florida State Courts System as a HR Manager. In that role, she was responsible for all aspects of human resources, including recruitment; benefits; payroll; timekeeping; performance evaluations and more.

    Corrie has a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Central Florida; she has earned the SHRM-CP.

    Joel Jenks

    Training and Engagement Administrator

    City of San Antonio, TX

    Joel Jenks has worked for the City of San Antonio for almost 18 years and has extensive experience in recruitment, management and employee engagement and development. 

    Joel currently serves as the City’s Training and Engagement Administrator. His team is responsible for all City-wide training and development initiatives such as New Employee Orientation, the Women's Leadership and Mentoring Program and the Innovation Academy. Joel also helps administer the bi-annual employee engagement survey and works closely with individual departments to help them understand their results and improve.

    Prior to his role in Training and Engagement, Joel worked for more than five years as the City's Executive Recruiter where he brought in diverse talent from across the country and managed the nationally-recognized Management Fellowship Program. He also spent almost two years running one of the busiest veterinary clinics in the country at the City's animal care shelter.  Joel began his career in the City's budget office, helping to create, analyze and manage a $2.5B annual budget.

    Joel has a Master of Public Administration and a BA from Brigham Young University. He and his wife have five children and they spend their time scrambling to keep up with their kids’ activities, from marching band to soccer to robotics and everything in between.

    Brandy Winterbottom

    Deputy Director

    County of San Diego, CA

    Brandy Winterbottom is Deputy Director in Human Resources for the County of San Diego. She oversees recruiting, talent development and equity, diversity and inclusion for a workforce of 20,000 employees.  She is a seasoned human resources professional with 30 years of experience in both private and public sector, having worked in labor relations, employee benefits and as an HR generalist.  Brandy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Master’s in Human Resources Management.  She is a native San Diegan and has two children ages 17 and 12.

  • Contains 11 Component(s)

    This course is open from March 19, 2024 to April 26, 2024.

    Syllabus:  Navigating DEI:  A Public Sector Business Strategy Certificate Program


    Start Date:  March 19, 2024

    End Date:  April 26, 2024


    Instructor:  TBD

    PSHRA Contact:  Debbie Tankersely-Snook,



    Welcome to PSHRA's Navigating DEI:  A Public Sector Business Strategy Certificate Program. This course will prepare you to build and enact a transformative HR practice of DEIA within your agency.


    Course Design:

    The timeline below gives you an overview of the lessons and sessions in this course, their order, and when the cohort sessions will occur. This course will be completed over six weeks.

    Time Commitment:

    Consider scheduling 30 - 45 minutes for the online lessons to read through the material, complete the activities, and prepare for the cohort sessions. Complete the lessons at least a day or two before the cohort session to give yourself time to reflect on what you have learned and the plans you have developed


    Cohort Schedule (subject to change):

    • Cohort #1 – TBD
    • Cohort #2 – TBD
    • Cohort #3 - TBD

    Course Outcomes:

    In this course, you will:

    • Learn the value diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility bring to an agency.
    • Apply the assess, design, implement, and measure (ADIM) framework to your agency’s diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility practices.
    • Design and prepare to implement initiatives that will increase diversity, produce equitable outcomes, contribute to an inclusive workplace, and promote accessibility.
    • Build momentum in your agency’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts beyond this course.  

    Online Lessons and Cohort Sessions:

    This course includes five online lessons you will complete on your own and three cohort sessions facilitated by a cohort guide. The online lessons allow you to assess development opportunities; present important concepts, principles, and practices; and help you begin planning improvement initiatives.  The cohort sessions will be face-to-face or virtual (using a video conferencing tool like Google Meet or Zoom) and will provide an opportunity for you to share ideas and learn from your peers. In these sessions, you will further develop and refine the improvement plans you draft in the online lessons.

    Course Schedule :

    Week 1:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Course introduction, DEIA introduction, Bias, and the ADIM approach.


    Week 2:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 2: Diversity

    Assessing diversity; designing, implementing, and measuring diversity initiatives.

    Cohort Session (virtual)

    Session 1: Introduction and Diversity

    Reviewing and discussing the content from the first two lessons.


    Week 3:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 3: Equity

    Assessing equity; designing, implementing, and measuring equity initiatives.


    Week 4:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 4: Inclusion

    Assessing inclusion; designing, implementing, and measuring inclusion initiatives.


    Cohort Session (virtual)

    Session 2: Equity and Inclusion

    Reviewing and discussing the content from lessons three and four.


    Week 5:

    Online Lesson (self-paced)

    Lesson 5: Developing Your DEI Acumen

    Prioritizing initiatives and getting buy-in.


    Week 6:

    Cohort Session (virtual)

    Session 3:  Reviewing and discussing the content from lesson 5 and concluding the course.


    Course Workbook:

    The course includes a workbook. You'll use the workbook to reflect on what you're learning, record ideas, and plan for how to implement ideas in your agency. There are two versions:

    • A PDF version - if you'd like to print it and write your answers and ideas and
    • An MS Word version - if you'd prefer to work electronically.

    The workbook is available by selecting the Course Materials tab and then DEI Workbook.


    Case Study:

    There is a case study embedded throughout this course. You'll learn about Chris, a city HR director, trying to make the agency more diverse and welcoming. In the case study, you'll see how the principles and practices you're learning can be applied.

    Andre Koen

    Vice President of DEI

    AM Horizons Training Group

    Healthcare Professional: Andre Koen began his career in the healthcare industry, driven by his passion for helping others and promoting well-being. As a healthcare professional, he worked tirelessly to ensure that patients received the best care possible, emphasizing empathy and understanding in every interaction.

    Director of DEI at Mayo Clinic: Recognizing the critical importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in healthcare, Andre Koen transitioned to the role of Director of DEI at Mayo Clinic. In this leadership position, he led initiatives to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for both patients and staff. His innovative strategies and commitment to cultivating a diverse workforce positively impacted the entire healthcare community.

    Government Official: With a desire to create broader change, Andre Koen extended his influence by working with state and local governments. As a government official, he advocated for policies that promoted equality and fairness, striving to bridge gaps in access to healthcare and other essential services. His dedication to public service earned him a reputation as a compassionate and visionary leader.

    Classroom Teacher: Understanding the profound impact of education on shaping young minds, Andre Koen took on the role of a classroom teacher. His teaching approach went beyond textbooks, focusing on imparting valuable life skills such as empathy, respect, and embracing diversity. Through his engaging and practical methods, he inspired students to become responsible global citizens.

    Improvisational Comedian: Not confined by traditional roles, Andre Koen also embraced the art of improv comedy. As an improvisational comedian, he used humor as a powerful tool to break down barriers and promote open dialogue about sensitive topics. His performances were not just entertaining but thought-provoking, encouraging audiences to examine their own biases and preconceptions.

    The Enkindled Spirit: Throughout his multifaceted journey, Andre Koen's unwavering spirit illuminated his path. As the Enkindled Spirit, he radiated warmth, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human experience. His approach to diversity training, government service, healthcare, teaching, and comedy was guided by a genuine desire to connect with others and ignite positive change in the world.

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 01/18/2024

    Webinar: 2024 Trends in Public Sector HR


    As we enter the new year, it's important to take a moment to reflect on the trends that will share the public sector HR landscape in the coming months.

    We have put together a dynamic panel of thought leaders from different government sectors who will share their 2024 Focus Areas and how they plan to conquer those areas.

    In addition, the panel will:

    • Forecast and discuss the top five public sector HR Trends for 2024.
    • Discuss best practices for those trends.
    • Reflect on lessons learned from the field.

    Mark your calendar for January 18th at 1:00 pm EST and join us for this informative and engaging webinar.  We look forward to seeing you there!


    • Mark Van Bruggen, IPMA-SCP, 2024 PSHRA President, HR Consultant to the Chief of Staff, NJ Civil Service Commission.


    • Dr. Jennifer Fairweather, IPMA-SCP, Chief HR Officer, Jefferson County, CO
    • Robin E. Henry, IPMA-CP, Chief Human Capital Officer, District of Columbia Office of Contracting & Procurement
    • Sheena Schmutz, Chief HR Officer, Sedgwick County Division of HR, Wichita, KS

    (Open to Members and Non-members)

    Mark Van Bruggen, IPMA-SCP (Moderator)

    HR Consultant to the Chief of Staff

    NJ Civil Service Commission

    Mark Van Bruggen will be 2024 PSHRA President.  He has worked at the NJ Civil Service Commission for his entire career. During this time, he has had the pleasure of working with public-sector HR professionals from the smallest beach towns to the largest cities and State agencies in New Jersey.  Mark has worked hard to establish a reputation that is professional and personable – taking the time to understand every situation; consider all the alternatives; seek the advice of colleagues; and respond quickly.  This has led to amazing relationships and friendships with hundreds of public servants and HR colleagues.  His philosophy is to be true to his core beliefs, listen intently to what people say, and work hard to help others attain their goals.

    Dr. Jennifer Fairweather, IPMA-SCP

    Chief Human Capital Officer

    Jefferson County Human Resources, CO

    Jennifer Fairweather is PSHRA's 2022 President. She is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for Jefferson County, located in Golden Colorado. She is also an Affiliate Professor with Regis University where she facilitates undergraduate and graduate courses for the College of Business and Economics. Jennifer has been an active volunteer and member of PSHRA for over 22 years and has held volunteer leadership roles at all levels of the Association, including the chapter level, region level and national level.

    Robin E. Henry, IPMA-CP

    Chief Human Capital Officer

    Office of Contracting & Procurement, Government of the District of Columbia

    Caring for people is my passion. I am a Human Resources Generalist with 10+ years of technical skills and knowledge of Human Resources Management that include the following core competencies -Leadership Skills that define, defend and support HR functions in mid-to large size agencies. Ability to make timely, well considered decisions. Applies Critical Thinking to makes decisions that are fair, objective, and based on policies, procedures and best practices. Employs Strategic Initiatives that assists in leading organizational change management processes, in Workforce/Succession planning and Talent Acquisition. A Collaborator that understands the value of human resources’ contribution to the organization and can clearly justify and secure human resources staffing needs. An Effective Communicator/Effective listener with others in providing solutions to complex problems. And, uses Interpersonal/Communication Skills to clearly communicates organizational values and builds commitment, engagement and trust, the ability to manage conflicts and provide solutions.

    Sheena Schmutz

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Sedgwick County Division of Human Resources

    Sheena Schmutz is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Sedgwick County, KS.  This organization serves approximately 3,000 employees.  Sheena strives for a flexible and approachable leadership style that focuses on balancing the needs of employees and providing service to citizens.  She is well rounded in HR principles serving in the public sector for over 18 years.  Sheena graduated from Kansas State University and Wichita State University receiving her MPA and is also IPMA-SCP certified.  Along with being a CHRO, Sheena is married and the mother of two active young children.   

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 12/21/2023

    Webinar: Year in Review - Public Eye Looks Back at the Stories that Shaped 2023


    The federal government almost shut down. Twice.   

    The proliferation of artificial intelligence continued, as did employees’ anxiety over how the rise of AI might affect their livelihood.   

    The way public sector agencies approach hiring and retaining top talent continued to evolve, with many shifting to more skill-based hiring and in-person work while cutting degree requirements and trying to provide the flexibility that employees crave.   

    These are just a few of the stories that Public Eye, PSHRA’s bimonthly digital publication, was following throughout 2023. Join us at 1 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 21, when the PSHRA publications team will recap some of the biggest trends and developments that shaped public sector HR over the past 12 months, and look at what might be around the corner for 2024.   


    Mark McGraw, Editor-In-Chief, Public Eye 

    Charles Epstein, President, Backbone Inc.

    This webinar is open to members and non-members.  

    Mark McGraw

    Editor-In-Chief, Public Eye

    Public Sector HR Association

    Mark McGraw has been a writer and journalist for more than 25 years, with more than two decades’ worth of experience covering HRand the workplace.  

    Charles Epstein


    BackBone Inc.

    Charles founded BackBone in 1996 to provide emerging IT, HR and healthcare companies with targeted, cost-effective public relations, marketing communications, and business advisory services. Charles is co-founder of Leads2Results, an influence marketing management company specializing in HR and technology. Tech vendors, senior executives and thought leaders know us and our work (marketing, content, podcast production, trade show support). It’s why they give our clients their time, attention and trust.

    Charles is co-host of WorldatWork's Workspan and NSFW podcasts; host/producer the EAPA Podcast and the Public Eye Podcast (for the Public Sector HR Association). He also writes a column for WorldatWork publications called Piece of Work, and does a related "modcast" called NSFW.

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 12/14/2023

    Webinar: Investigating EEO Complaints


    Participates will be introduced to the basics of interpreting an EEO Complaint, how to recognize the prima facia elements that the Charging Party (employee) must met to establish a claim of discrimination, how to develop an allegation, and elements of a ROI.

    During this webinar, participants will learn about real life case scenarios, basic techniques to developing an IP which guides the investigation process and producing a thorough, comprehensive ROI with content that is thorough and which provides the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) with important information if a charge is filed against the company.

    One of the main points addressed will be the production of a thorough IP that will help workplace investigators mitigate complaints as they arise. HR practitioners who preside over employment discrimination complaints and who have basic understanding and knowledge of the investigation process can help companies reduce litigation. In contrast, an HR generalist with limited understanding, or limited knowledge in processing workplace discrimination complaints may jeopardize the process, resulting in an unfavorable agency decision, penalty, or fine.

    Participants will have access to examples of different IPs and ROIs which they can incorporate at their respective workplaces and use as a best practice strategy for investigating workplace discrimination complaints if they choose to do so. To learn more, please join us on Thursday, December 14th at 1:00 pm ET.


    Charlene McAdory, Principal/Founder, McAdory & Associates Consulting Group

    (For National PSHRA Members Only)

    Charlene McAdory, BA, MA, Ph.D. (in-pursuit)


    McAdory & Associates Consulting Group

    Charlene founded McAdory & Associates Consulting Group in 2012, a minority, woman owned Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Human Resources Consulting firm. She is the Chief Equal Employment Opportunity Workplace Investigator (CEEOWI), a speaker, a certified mediator, and a HR consultant with two decades of EEO/HR investigation experience. She has presided over and processed more than five hundred employment workplace discrimination complaints. She has assisted federal, state, and public sector municipalities process and resolve workplace discrimination complaints. 

    At McAdory & Associates Consulting Group, Charlene’s focus is providing best practices in processing workplace discrimination complaints, conducting investigations, and drafting Reports of Investigation (ROI). Charlene’s techniques are designed to assist public sector HR practitioners present a thorough and well-investigated complaint that provides the EEOC with valuable information if a charge is filed against the company. 

    Charlene facilitates EEO symposiums through virtual and live audience platforms, teaching best practices on how to avoid employment litigation. At these virtual and live platforms, participants discuss and are guided through real life complex workplace issues. The goal of the symposiums is to assist participants develop an investigation plan (IP) that guides the flow of the investigation.

    Charlene achieved both a bachelor’s and master’s degree; has HR credentials, a certified paralegal; and is in pursuit of her PH.D. in psychology.