Need Assistance?

What is my login information?

Your login to IPMA-HR Learning is the same as your IPMA-HR login. Clicking the blue login button in the sidebar will send you to the member portal to login, then return you here.

If you're not sure of how to login, you can request a password reset from the login page. If your email has changed, however, please contact the so we can assist you.

Where is the course I'm taking?

You can find the courses you are currently enrolled in from the My Courses menu in the sidebar.

Where can I find a list of upcoming courses?

All upcoming courses are listed on our website.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about course content or access to courses I should be registered for?

Please contact the for further assistance.

For assistance, contact (courses and practice quizzes) and (for the IPMA-SCP and the IPMA-CP exam) and for general questions, please call IPMA-HR at 703/549-7100.